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Technology has leveled the playing field, leaving no cracks for good books to fall through any longer. Everyone has one good book in him/her, we'd like to help you get it published, whether through a traditional publisher or self publisher.

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Behind the scenes of any great artist is a great manager working to create a great brand. We assist authors in finding top book agents by making the process simple, easy, and efficient. We’ve simplified the process by putting together a trusted network of book agents and top publishers. Authors no longer have to worry about getting their manuscript tossed into a slush pile. We help authors stand out amongst their peers by providing our expertise in putting together eye catching book proposals.

Let us assist in matching you up with a Book Agent or publisher that best fits your needs and goals. First submit a manuscript or query letter. Our process provides authors with a streamlined way to get their manuscript in front of book agents and publishers, with the ultimate goal in helping authors get book deals. Take advantage of our free consulting services today and submit your manuscript.

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