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Technology has leveled the playing field, leaving no cracks for good books to fall through any longer. Everyone has one good book in him/her, we'd like to help you get it published, whether through a traditional publisher or self publisher.

Book Agents for Authors

Book Agents bring the much needed credibility that writers need in order to get traditionally published, as book agents are the gatekeepers to publishers. Book Agents also have the expertise to impact an authors overall potential and career. Book Agents can help authors stand out before, during, and after the publishing process. They can help authors get traditionally published faster, and also help new authors in avoiding obstacles in the publishing process. The authors working relationship with his or her Book Agent is one that can last a life time; By providing 1 on 1 guidance through the publishing process, Book Agents are truly invaluable to an Author’s publishing efforts and goals.

The core duties of a Book Agent is to get writers a publishing deal. Some Book Agents also assist writers in building a fan base, releasing press kits, planning promotional activities, assisting with career moves, business deals, contracts, booking author events, etc.

Authors may gain access to 100’s of Book Agents through Author Agency. Simply submit your manuscript, and if it meets our submission guidelines an editor and marketing specialist will review it for free. From there, they will complete a book proposal to send out to book agents who specialize in getting writers book deals from top publishers.

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