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Technology has leveled the playing field, leaving no cracks for good books to fall through any longer. Everyone has one good book in him/her, we'd like to help you get it published, whether through a traditional publisher or self publisher.

How to Retain a Book Agent

Getting a Book Agent
It can be difficult for new authors to find quality book agents. Thousands of authors get published every year, so there are bound to be authors who are not able to find a good book agent to represent them. In the past, these authors would simply bow out from the publishing process, with some opting never to publish their book. If you are finding it difficult to get a book agent, just remember there are many best selling authors that went through the same experience as you.

We have improved the traditional publishing process by providing the opportunity for authors to improve their work and build a platform. This is what we do, and book agents know that when we refer an author to them, they are getting a quality book and author that is ready to be published. We connect authors with book agents who are ready to represent them and work to acquire a publishing deal.

Every part of your publishing process is important, and finding the right Book Agent is equally as important. At Author Agency we understand that a quality Book Agent can open the door for a new author, that is why we provide the means for authors to get their work in front of book agents. Simply submit your manuscript to get your work read by agents.

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