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Technology has leveled the playing field, leaving no cracks for good books to fall through any longer. Everyone has one good book in him/her, we'd like to help you get it published, whether through a traditional publisher or self publisher.

Author Book Royalties

It is standard for traditional book publishers to take a percentage of book sales, this is called a royalty and also how publishers make their money back on the book deal they give authors. The author also gets a percentage of the book sale as well.

Traditional Publishing – Author Royalties
A majority of new authors are usually offered a low advance and low royalty percentage. If you are offered a significantly high advance, expect the publisher to take the lions share of the royalty (80 to 20 split) as they are putting up the investment in publishing your book in hopes of a positive return. Authors who have published multiple books usually can demand higher royalties. This is why many new authors should not worry much about receiving an offer that gives them a meager percentage of the book royalties. Such a scenario is really not in an authors best interest if he/she does not plan on writing more than one book, but if you’ve run out of options it may very well stand as a stepping board. Try to sign a two, or three book deal that gives you or your agent the option to negotiate book royalties for future titles, just in case your first book sells very well, you don’t want to be writing your second book based on your original book deal. Traditionally Publish your book now

Self Publishing – Author Royalties
Although a majority of self publishers are taking a significant amount of royalties from book sales, Author Agency does not take any of your royalties. When you self publish through Author Agency you do not have to increase the retail price of your book in order to make a decent royalty percentage or to make a profit on each sale. In fact, we would rather you keep the price of your book low so that readers will actually buy it while you still make a profit off each sale. The higher the price of your book, the more likely that readers will balk on buying it, especially if you are a first time author. Some simple research will show you that authors that were self published by well known self publishing companies are selling their books at a price point between $15 and $25. They are doing this as to not have to pay for every book bought by a customer, and still with a price point of $15 and up they are making pennies on every sale. Do not let this happen to you, control your royalties and only share them with the online retailer your book is purchased on. Self Publish your book now

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