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Technology has leveled the playing field, leaving no cracks for good books to fall through any longer. Everyone has one good book in him/her, we'd like to help you get it published, whether through a traditional publisher or self publisher.

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Thank You for Submitting your Manuscript

Thank You For Submitting Your Manuscript

Congratulations on taking the first step to getting published!

Book Agents and Publishers want to represent writers that have manuscripts which are ready to be published. Writers with a strong platform have the best chance of getting published. Author Agency excels at assisting authors wanting to get to the front of the publishing line.

Please be patient in awaiting responses. Join Author Agency for free publishing updates and industry news.

We look forward to reviewing your submission.

Author Agency does not guarantee a response from any representatives of Author Agency or any Book Agents or Publishers. In the event that you are not sent a response, manuscript review, and/or recommendations for your manuscript within four weeks of submitting it, please improve your manuscript and resubmit in a months time.

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