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Our Mission

Technology has leveled the playing field, leaving no cracks for good books to fall through any longer. Everyone has one good book in him/her, we'd like to help you get it published, whether through a traditional publisher or self publisher.

Submission Guidelines

Author Agency only accepts digital manuscript submissions online from authors residing in the United States. Once you submit your manuscript it will be evaluated to determine if it meets our manuscript guidelines. If your manuscript meets our submission guidelines we will offer you the opportunity to utilize our book agent and publisher network. From there, book agents and publishers will decide if they would like to represent you and/or offer you a publishing deal.

– Your manuscript should be 25% to 100% complete before submission. If your manuscript is not at least 25% complete, please submit a query letter.
– Short story collections, and anthologies are accepted.
– It is recommended that your manuscript include a table of contents.
– Provide as much information about the marketability of your book and yourself as possible.
– Do not submit novellas, or poetry.
– Please do not submit any work that justifies or glorifies Rape, Incest, Violence, Racism, Bestiality, Pedophilia, Killing, Necrophilia, or Violence.
– Your manuscript must be one of the following file types, and under 5MBs. File Types: .txt, .docx, .doc, .pdf, .rtf.

Book Editing

Please make as many spelling, grammatical, and punctuation corrections as you can before submitting your manuscript. Have a friend, an English Teacher, Editor proof it before you submit it. This may speed up your publishing process significantly and increase the likeliness of a book agent representing you. In the event there are an abundant amount of obvious spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, we will deem the quality of your manuscript not acceptable for review. If you feel that your manuscript needs professional editing, please view our Book Editing Services page.

Author and Book Marketing

Writing a great book is half the battle, marketing is the other half. Book Agents want to know that you understand your target audience and see that you are able to connect with them. There are many ways to build readership and spark interest in your book before launch. For authors wanting professional book marketing services, please view our Author Book Marketing Services page.

Response Time

Author Agency does not guarantee a response from any representative of Author Agency, Book Agent, or associated Book Publisher. Please be patient in awaiting responses. In the event that you do not hear from us within one month of submitting your manuscript, please improve your manuscript and resubmit it.

Why Are there Submission Guidelines?

Our goal is to assist authors in getting published. By having manuscript submission guidelines we filter out books that we feel our book agents and publishers in our network will have no interest in. Book Agents and publishers want quality books that they are able to quickly publish without investing much time in improving the authors manuscript or platform.

Thank you for taking the time to read our Submission Guidelines, please Submit your Manuscript if you feel it meets our submission guidelines.

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